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JSK 5.0 Montebello is a HOME BASED Martial Arts & Fitness studio operating out of the HOME of Mr. Gomez. We primarily specialize in teaching Jeff Speakman's American Kenpo Karate 5.0 as an authorized Franchise Charter School. In today's environment being able to defend oneself is of vital importance to everyone. JSK 5.0 Montebello is dedicated to teaching practical and realistic Self Defense for Adults, Kids, Teens & Families. We have classes for as young as 3 years old.

We also offer an amazing Cardio Kickboxing & Fitness Class!

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About Chief Instructor - Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
  • 4th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate
  • Multi-time International Karate Champion as both a self-defense and full contact sparring competitor, capturing over 60 1st place championships.
  • World Top 10 ranked competitor, making him one of the most skilled fighting competitors in Southern California. With a record of 36-1-1
  • Featured in NBC Latino, Univision and LA Times about his women’s self-defense courses
  • Awarded a certificate of recognition/appreciation in 2018 by the California State Senate, State Senator, Vanessa Delgado, 32nd District
  • Former Use of Force & Tactics Trainer for the Los Angeles Police Department
Let us tell you what you will receive as a student of
JSK 5.0 Montebello
  • Fun filled classes
  • Feel better and more confident about yourself
  • Develop coordination, motor skills, strength building & balance.
  • Learn one of the most elite self-defense arts in the world today
  • Feeling a sense of pride
  • Quality instruction from a certified blackbelt
  • Formal & Structured Classes
  • Acces to our exclusive online Kenpo 5.0 University
  • Making new friends for life as you join an association of brother and sisterhood because when you're a student, you're family!
  • Official testing with rank certification under the WORLDWIDE Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0 Karate Association
Our Available Classes